TwerkFit® classes combine cardiovascular exercise, which raises general fitness levels, with working the lower body, legs and core to improve muscle tone. Not only that, because TwerkFit® is grounded in dance you’ll also learn some new moves you’ll be able to show off on the dance floor!

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Summer Schedule for Online Classes

All our classes are currently held online, via Zoom. You can buy a pass for all classes here

6.30pm with Leah

6.30pm with Esther

11am with Anne Marie

My mind said no. My body said stop. And my ass thanked me afterwards.

Victoria S.

I loved the class. If getting fit was this fun, I would have started a long time ago. My bum is sore but I’m ready for carnival!

I don’t like going to the gym so this class was perfect for me! I was able to work on all the right areas without it feeling like a workout! The dance teacher made the whole experience so fun, energetic and friendly. I can’t wait to book another class - P.S I also learnt some really cool dance moves!

I loved it! It was challenging, motivating, sexy and my husband is the one that should thank you for this!

Such a good work out, a great laugh and a confidence boost! Plus the girl power in those classes is EVERYTHING!

A great teacher that manages to make everything fun while imparting knowledge. After 6 weeks, I definitely felt fitter and learnt a lot!

Fun and very energetic course. Great teacher!