Health and Safety

Creative Fields Limited regards health and safety as an extremely important priority and is committed to carrying out its activities in such a way as to avoid harm to its instructors and all others who may be affected directly or indirectly by our activities.

Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility and consequently forms an integral part of the duties of all our staff and instructors. The company is committed to obtaining the highest achievable standards of occupational health, safety and environmental protection for its staff and others’ benefit as well as to comply with any relevant statutory provisions.

TwerkFit® instructors must provide safe premises to hold TwerkFit® classes. We must work with our venue partners to ensure that premises are safe, and that all hazards are removed where possible. In cases where it is not possible to remove a hazard, clear signage must be displayed advising clients of the nature of the hazard and the precautions that should be taken.

We all must act responsibly and take care of own health and safety:

• Instructor Conduct: All instructors must take care that their actions do not endanger any clients in their sessions.

• Instructors have the right to turn away any client that represents any level of threat to their and/or their fellow attendees’ safety. This includes inappropriate conduct of a verbal or non-verbal nature.

• Accidents, injuries and any other dangerous occurrences in-class must be communicated by the instructor to Creative Fields Limited via email to with details of the incident, at your earliest convenience and within no more than 24hrs of the incident.

• Venues: Instructors are expected to hold classes in venues that do not represent a health risk to themselves or clients. Any hazards at venues should be reported immediately to the venue manager in order for them to make necessary improvements. In a potential interim period between reporting the hazard and it being rectified, instructors will adapt their teaching to minimise risk and prioritise clients’ safety. If this is not possible, an alternative venue should be found or the activity cancelled until the hazard has been rectified.

Accident and Emergency

In the case of an accident or emergency please contact the venue manager or call for help:

• Ambulance: 999 or 112 • Fire: 999 or 112
• Police, Emergency: 999 or 112
• Police, Non-Emergency: 101

All of our policies are in place so that Creative Fields Limited can support and advise where necessary.

• Gas emergency: 0800 111 999
• NHS Direct (24-hour health helpline): 0845 4647

When it comes to more serious injuries/incidents, we are obliged to comply with the UK government’s ‘RIDDOR’ regulations. These relate to the following:

• Fatal accidents
• Major injuries
• Accidents resulting in a period of absence of more than 7 days • Injuries to the public where they have been taken to hospital

RIDDOR puts the responsibility on employers and the self-employed to report serious workplace occurrences. In the event of any such incident taking place during one of your classes, please contact the venue manager immediately and ensure that they complete a RIDDOR report via

Alcohol & Drugs Policy

The use of alcohol and drugs may impair the health and safety of instructors, clients, and/or the safe running of your classes. Where a client presents as under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we support and encourage all instructors’ right to ask that member to leave the class, and request that you do not continue the class until the person involved has left, provided that is safe to do so. Should we have a fair reason to believe that an instructor has attempted to run a class under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the incident will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. In these instances, Creative Fields Limited reserves the right to terminate your licensing agreement.


If you are suffering from a serious infectious or contagious disease or illness (such as rubella or hepatitis) it is your responsibility to inform Creative Fields Limited and cancel all classes until you have written clearance from your GP. Contact with any person suffering from an infectious or contagious disease must be reported to your GP before commencing any classes.