Quality Assurance Strategy

Creative Fields Limited is committed to ensuring regular checks are carried out in order to maintain high level training courses that are appropriate for the industry and learning environment. The outline below details the steps that will be taken to ensure consistency of delivery and assessment across TwerkFit® training courses.

• Every fourth TwerkFit® face-to-face training course will be observed by a qualified assessor, representative of an organisation such as EMD or fitness training course consultant. This is to provide feedback on the quality of the course and to verify that the students have sufficient skills and knowledge to deliver a TwerkFit® class.

• Online courses are planned to launch late in 2020, after which there will be annual reviews to monitor the standard of assessment in consultation with a third party. 25% of all online students’ workbooks and video submissions will be sent to a third party for further verification.

All written or verbal feedback will be recorded and used to improve future courses. Upon discovery that quality is not of a sufficiently high standard, we will seek further consultation as to how future courses could be improved with the aim of raising quality to the level required.

Our quality assurance will not just come from external sources, but also our licensed instructors in the form of an annual standardisation day. This full day will give our instructors a chance to review and evaluate the delivery of our courses and their classes. They will be required to submit a video of their own teaching for review and discussion. They will also get the opportunity to feedback on the quality of TwerkFit’s support and advice from Creative Fields.