May 8


01:00 am

Twerk up a level and join our team of fierce, fun, and Bootyful instructors.

Bring The TwerkFit® Revolution to your area; stay fit, work on your own terms, and have a ball all while earning an income.

This course is designed to provide candidates with the knowledge, skills, and competence needed to deliver safe and effective TwerkFit® exercise programmes or to create twerk based exercises to incorporate in their existing programmes.


Prerequisites: You must have either a Level 2 Exercise to Music or Level 2 Dance Fitness, Level 2 Sport or Fitness qualification, dance diploma/degree, or dance teaching qualification.


Course Includes


  • What is TwerkFit®?
  • TwerkFit Masterclass
  • TwerkFit Fundamental Technique
  • Guidelines for teaching TwerkFit®
  • How to create TwerkFit® choreographies.
  • The TwerkFit® Experience.
  • Playlists and appropriate music.
  • Defining the brand and marketing licensed classes.
  • TwerkFit Membership


By the end of the course, all learners will:


  • Have a clear understanding of how to teach a TwerkFit licensed class and feel confident doing so.
  • Know how to plan, develop, and instruct a twerk-based dance fitness class.
  • Be able to apply twerking technique to fitness classes.
  • Know how to use the TwerkFit brand to market their classes.
  • Be able to select the appropriate music.


Assessment is carried out by your tutor and is informal and on-going. Your tutor will keep notes on your performance throughout the day to enable them to provide you with useful feedback.